ONE #20

  • ONE #20

Skater of the Year! Latvia’s Nils Jansons is quickly emerging as a dominant force for blading. He’s calculated, technical, and ruthlessly convinced he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Last week he won Winterclash. A month before that he took 2nd place in the WRS Uploaded contest. And now we’ve got 12 pages of issue #20 displaying his undeniable abilities. But this year’s SOTY is doing more for blading than just blading — he also organizes the largest blade event in Latvia along with his friend and photographer Kaspars Alksnis. To say that Nils is committed to what he does is a gross understatement. Everything about his blading shows his desire to challenge himself and see how far he can take his “fear is just in your mind” belief system. So far, we’d say he has yet to find his limits. Read it all in ONE #20 — premiering at BCSD XIII.